NEW – PEOVI Full Wrap Cage for IC-705

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Following on from the original front Peovi cage for the IC-705, here is the recently released the PEOVI Full Wrap Cage. Here we also look at the new clear polycarbonate front cover than snaps between the two front knob protection bars as well as the NATO rail allowing the radio to be top mounted using one of the many available NATO mounting brackets .

PEOVI Full Wrap Cage plus NATO mount

We chose the red PEOVI Full Wrap Cage and kept the original front cage black to make it easier to tell the two apart.

As always, the packaging and attention to details of anything shipped from PEOVI is nothing short of amazing. Everything is tissue wrapped, boxed and labeled. Also many other nice touches that just highlights what a professional company this is probably a result of their main business in the aircraft industry.

As with all of their products this cage is also manufactured using precision CNC machinery from a large billet aluminum block as opposed to flat sheet metal.

This PEOVI Full Wrap Cage is designed to work with the original front cage and it is a prerequisite in order to install the PEOVI Full Wrap Cage. All that is required to fit this full wrap cage is to use the 4 supplied screws. Also include is a long handle kit that can be mounted on the bottom of the cage. When extended forwarded this acts as a very stylish base stand. Note that there are two ways to mount this handle kit. The throw of the hinges is not the same in both directions.

Take note that this handle should be mounted such that when extended the back of the full wrap cage rests properly on the rubber feet. If you find that this is not the case then just swing the handle around. The throw of the hinges is not the same in both directions.

PEOVI Full Wrap Cage

Rubber Feet
Bottom handle fully extended

When full extended the bottom handle conveniently tilts the IC-705 upward for easier viewing with the rear rubber feet providing good non slip traction.

While we have not tested this full wrap cage with Windcamp RC1 and RC2 antenna brackets, PEOVI does mention that they are compatible.

NATO Bracket

The optional NATO bracket fits neatly along the top rail of the front cage.

There are numerous NATO mounting options.

Polycarbonate Protection Cover

Lastly and after huge demand there is the new single part polycarbonate protection cover. This fits very snugly between the two front knob protection bars. PEOVI supplies some shims to very slightly increase the spacing between these two bars giving a little more clearance for the cage to fit. Note that it is a very snug fit.

Right hand side handle removed ready to fit the shims.

We see this cover being very useful when operating the IC-705 wirelessly during which time no access to the front panel is required. Also when transporting the rig or just when the rig is not being used.

Polycarbonate protection cover installed

For further information and to buy any of these products please visit the PEOVI website.

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