I studied Computer Science and Chemistry at university.

Spent two years in the military.

Worked in the IT field for 7 years.

For the next 17 years was involved in a satellite technology business which I started.

One thing in common across all of these ventures was the ability to identify and solve problems.

They could be technology related, business related, product related or HR related. The same principles applied. Spend time correctly understanding and identifying the problem and the solution was usually relatively easy.

I figured that it was time to package the experience gained over the years and to help others.


Many small businesses have issues holding them back, sometimes they can see this for themselves but are either not sure how or cant afford to deal with them.

Other businesses think they are doing OK but often they are so immersed in trying to be successful that they can’t see the wood for the trees and need a fresh set of eyes!

In almost every instance the single owner business just wants someone else to bounce ideas off and to help share in the decision making.


Something else I noticed is that these small businesses have a number of smaller issues each needing a third party specialist. By the time you add up the costs to contract each one of these specialists it becomes too expensive for these small businesses and as a result nothing gets done.

Having a very broad base of knowledge and skills in various disciplines  I am often able to deal with most of these issues myself at a much lower cost.

In some instances where the issues are complicated requiring a specialist, I help identify the right specialist  and then help by project managing the work needing to be done.