The BiltongMate

In my previous blog about making biltong I talk about DIY spice recipes and how to make your own dryer. The blogs above have received many hits but few readers have actually followed... READ MORE

DIY LFP battery pack

Over the years I have been collecting 18650 LiIon batteries out of old laptop batteries. They usually have between 4 and 6 cells and it’s tough work trying to collect them. Also, you... READ MORE

Joel’s Revenge Fly

The birth of Joel’s Revenge Fly. A few year’s ago Dave Hurley and myself were fishing Black’s Beach and we started catching a lot of fish on a bead head nymph that he... READ MORE

SDJA Mosaic Project Phase 1

These talented artists (Barbi Dorfan and Helen Segal) were commissioned to design and install a 100 square foot mural depicting an under the ocean theme. After the sketch concept was approved it was... READ MORE