The Easy as 1 2 3 Biltong Recipe

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Over the years many people have in inquired about the perfect biltong recipe. Truth be told, there is no perfect biltong recipe. Everyone’s tastes differ and there are many different biltong recipes and styles of biltong making. Now many of … Continued

Netgear Orbi Home WiFi System

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  You’re paying a pretty sum of money each month for home internet services but the WiFi range is poor. You get signal while in the study but not in the bedroom. You’re on a Skype/VOIP call and the call … Continued

Netgear Arlo Pro

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The Requirement I was contacted recently by a customer requesting an urgent CCTV installation. They were going to be travelling, their current CCTV system was not working and they needed something installed with 24 hours that would enable them to … Continued

What Millionaires Know About Business

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When I walk into a store, I always tell the salespeople, “Sell me something.”  Especially when I love the store. At Samsonite, the luggage expert, I expected superior service. My needs were basic. For my international flight to Austria, I … Continued

Small Businesses Surveillance Systems

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Credit: Kuzma/Shutterstock With so much invested in your business, using Small Businesses Surveillance Systems to keep it safe and secure is a top priority. While business owners might want to think crime will never strike their companies, it’s a risk many … Continued