NEW – Peovi Cage for the ICOM IC-705 Portable Transceiver

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I just received a Peovi Cage for my IC-705 radio. If the quality of the actual Peovi Cage was even close to the attention to detail of the packaging then I was really going to be in for a treat!

The Peovi Cage itself neatly wrapped in custom Peovi tissue paper and all of the components individually wrapped in heavy duty zip lock bags. I asked about branded swag when I placed the order. I purchased a combination including a sticker, branded microfiber cleaning cloth and Moleskine notepad which were just the cherry on top!

Build your own LiFePO4 battery pack

An instruction sheet with exploded diagram is included to help you understand what goes where. It’s fairly self explanatory but there are a couple of areas that you need to pay attention to.

Peovi Cage Components

The side handles can be fitted pointing either forwards or backwards. Besides being handles they are also there to protect the buttons and screen so they should be fitted pointing forwards.

The UR5CDX single lever paddle

Also, there are shorter and longer screws. The 4 shorter screws are used to attach the handle to the top of the Peovi Cage. This is to make sure that they dont protrude and scratch the top of the IC-705 when sliding it into place.

As one would expect the top carry handle is hinged and can be folded down and out of the way. This is useful if you need more clearance at the top to put the caged radio into a shelf or protective case.

With the case and tripod mount fitted theIC-705 now easily tilts to an angle of about 45 degrees which makes for easy viewing of the screen.

There are many more threaded screw holes around the Peovi Cage maybe for the attachment of some possible future accessories.

Peovi Camera mounts are manufactured in an FAA aerospace approved facility to highest standards by Airfilm Manufacturing. The same company that builds the camera systems for Airfilm Camera Systems. The factory has 9 CNC systems and has the capability to process 3,000 Lbs of billet machining per week.

There really has something to be said about the quality of Made in the USA products!

*NEW* Full Wrap cage for the IC-705

If you think that the Peovi cage for the IC-705 is a piece of quality gear then just take a look at the Peovi Spherical Cage for the Red Komodo compact cinema camera.

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