UR5CDX single lever paddle

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In an attempt to improve my morse code proficiency I signed up for the CW OPS Academy intermediate course.

CW OPS have a requirement to head copy at a character speed of 25 word per minute and to send using a paddle. I Started off using a dual lever paddle but found myself frequently activating iambic mode due to lazy fingers. After doing a great deal of research I decided that a single lever paddle would probably work for me. There are a few out there at hugely varying prices. What did stand out was the UR5CDX single lever paddle from Yury in the Ukraine. Comments were that he made extremely high quality products (think Italian quality!) but at really decent prices.

Yury is also very communicative and replies to emails very quickly. I decided to order the chrome plated CT 755 X

• Designed by UR5CDX
• Square base 96×90 mm
• Ability to adjust weight and contact gap
• Hand made by a team of professional engineers
• Exceptional quality brass polish, chrome plated
• Mirror like smooth surface
• Solid double silver contacts
• Unique polished brass paddle plaque featuring the paddle’s serial model
• Long 5 feet shielded cable with the connector 1/4″
• Exceptionally strong yet very beautiful colour shipping box
• The paddle is shipped bolted with 2 bolts to the metal plate
• Weight 1.3 kg
• Full warranty, timely and friendly support

Make an inexpensive LFP pack for your radio

After less than a day Yury had already shipped the package. It started tracking quite quickly showing that it had left the Ukraine in a couple of days. The package spent a very long time in transit before eventually tracking again on February 7th as it reached the ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)  facility. From there it arrived at me just a few days later. Total elapsed time was 36 days. During those anxious in transit moments Yury was very supportive and opened an inquiry with his local postal service just to give me the peace of mind that everything was still on track.

The package arrived today very well packaged.

It comes prewired and terminated with a plug.

And here is this UR5CDX single lever paddle masterpiece ready to run! I spent some time sending with it. While I am no expert it really feels very solid and there is no way it will move even if I start slapping the paddle. There were not adjustment instructions included but it’s not to hard to work out and in any event it felt just perfect straight out of the box.

UPDATE – I wanted a bit more space between my thumb and forefinger so made a new finger piece using a piece of birds eye maple. It totally changes the feel for the better!

UR5CDX single lever paddle

Looking forward to hearing you on the air de W6TC

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