Joel’s Revenge Fly

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The birth of Joel’s Revenge Fly.

A few year’s ago Dave Hurley and myself were fishing Black’s Beach and we started catching a lot of fish on a bead head nymph that he had tied up.

True to my haphazard way of fly tying (and fly-fishing) I decided to try and tie up my own version of a bead head nymph. Keep in mind that I was very new to fly tying and my technique was not very good and very untidy.

Joel’s Revenge Fly Materials

N201 – Nymph, Dry Fly Hook
4.6mm slotted tungsten bead (or a black bead)
Congo Hair Baitfish Blends – Sand Crab (or one of the other combos)
Red or Orange thread
Red or orange Krinkle flash collar
Diamond braid body (if you wish)

You can see some variations below. I have found that it really does not matter a great deal. I think it’s just the size and action that works more than the actual color combination.

This fly has caught Corbina, Spot fin Croaker, Yellow fin Croaker, Perch, Mullet, Sting ray, Shovel-nose guitar fish, halibut. Essentially any of the commonly seen fish off of our San Diego beaches.

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