Small Businesses Surveillance Systems

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Small Businesses Surveillance Systems

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With so much invested in your business, using Small Businesses Surveillance Systems to keep it safe and secure is a top priority.

While business owners might want to think crime will never strike their companies, it’s a risk many aren’t willing to take. To help protect their offices and stores, many have installed video surveillance equipment that allows them to record everything that’s happening inside and outside of their businesses.

Video surveillance systems include several types of cameras that keep watch over a business, as well as digital video recorders that store all of the video for review. Many systems not only let you check the videos from inside the business, but also give you the ability to check your video feed remotely via smartphones and tablets.

If you are searching for Small Businesses Surveillance Systems, here are 14 options to consider.


ADT offers a wide range of video surveillance products and services for small businesses. The company has three camera options, including wireless, indoor color and dome cameras. They also offer digital video recorders and video duplicators, which enable security mangers to watch the same video feed from separate monitors. With ADT, businesses can access their video surveillance systems from anywhere inside the businesses, as well as remotely on mobile devices. ADT also offers email notifications, motion detection and cloud storage solutions.

Tyco Integrated Security

Tyco Integrated Security provides businesses with a range of customizable video surveillance solutions.  The company offers closed-circuit TV systems, recording hardware and software, remote Web management and viewing, and video monitors. Tyco also has an array of cameras for businesses to choose from, including digital, analog, infrared, low-light, thermal, wireless, IP-networked, and transit and mobile cameras. In addition, the company has cameras with zoom and pan capabilities.

CPI Security

CPI Security offers a variety of business security products and services. The CPI Business package includes a custom LCD display control panel, an infrared interior IP camera, a motion detector, two door contacts, battery backup, and a real-time speaker and microphone. The video cameras CPI offers feature advanced technology, such as digital backlight compensation, variable high-speed electronic shutter and day-night cameras. The company also has digital video recorders that allow users to conduct searches via date, time and events.


Lorex’s Vantage business security systems include multiple options for viewing, monitoring and recording. Their super-resolution security cameras are designed to capture detailed video footage both day and night. Dome security cameras are also available. With the Lorex systems, businesses can monitor their surveillance cameras via a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac computer.


Dropcam is a cloud-based Wi-Fi video-monitoring service with livestreaming, two-way talk and remote viewing options. The service’s cameras feature automatic infrared LEDs for night vision and zoom capabilities. Dropcam can also send alerts and notifications to users’ email inboxes and smartphones. Other features include mobile and Web apps, cloud recording, and a scheduling option that lets users turn their cameras on and off at specific times of the day or week.



Users can view Netgear’s VueZone video-monitoring system remotely on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Each VueZone system comes with tiny, battery-powered, wireless IP cameras that can be placed almost anywhere using the devices’ peel-and-stick mounts. The cameras can be positioned and repositioned, or set on any flat surface based on each business’s security needs. All the VueZone video monitoring systems come with the VueZone Basic Service plan. An upgraded Premier Service plan is also available, which provides motion alerts with video clips sent to mobile devices, automatic recording when motion is detected, digital pan and zoom, additional video storage, and the ability to support up to five cameras.

Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security sells a wide range of video surveillance equipment. Camera options include high-resolution, dome, box, bullet, digital wireless, outdoor, IP security, hidden and cloud cameras. Brickhouse also offers several digital video recording and cloud options that allow business owners to monitor their surveillance feeds over the Internet from anywhere.


Swann offers a range of video surveillance systems for businesses. The company’s range of cameras includes outdoor security and Wi-Fi cameras, along with cameras with pan and tilt functions that can be controlled remotely. Swann also has a variety of digital video recording options, including those that offer recording in high definition, live viewing on the Internet and smartphones, and the option to transfer recordings to external storage via USB flash drives.


Q-See offers digital video recorders, security cameras with high resolution and night vision capabilities, wireless CCTV solutions, and a wide range of accessories. Businesses have the choice of bullet, dome, pan-tilt-zoom and IP cameras. Q-See also has digital video recorders that can support up to 32 channels.


Zmodo provides businesses with both network and analog video surveillance systems. The company’s network systems include IP cameras that work both indoors and out, as well as network video recorders, which provide for remote access. Zmodo’s analog systems also offer indoor and outdoor cameras. The analog system works with a digital video recorder. All of the DVRs include a free mobile app so users can view their videos via their


Defender offers businesses several different video surveillance system packages to choose from. The secure wireless system can be set up extremely quickly, while the PRO system features high-resolution cameras and additional storage and memory. Other choices include the DIY system for those owners who want to set everything up on their own and a covert system for those business owners who don’t want anyone to know cameras are present. Businesses can also purchase cameras or digital video recorders separately as a way to customize their own systems.

Protection 1

Protection 1 offers a wide range of small business security options. The company’s video surveillance solutions feature a wide range of video equipment that includes analog, digital and IP cameras, as well as a choice of lenses and specialized cameras for specialty applications. Protection 1 also offers a selection of both digital video recorders and network video recorders. Each option allows users to remotely access live and recorded video to observe and research events using tools that help business owners pinpoint video events. Protection 1 also offers cloud-based solutions for businesses that need to store and review video but don’t have the resources to manage a traditional self-contained system.

Guardian Protection Services

Guardian Protection Services has video surveillance systems that are designed specifically for small businesses. Guardian offers a full line of video surveillance solutions, including standalone digital video recorders and enterprise-level, IP-based video cameras. The company has cameras designed for both indoors and outdoors. You can also access Guardian systems remotely via the Web or smartphones.


SVAT designs, manufactures and markets do-it-yourself video-surveillance systems. The company offers a variety of digital video recorder, wireless and covert systems. SVAT cameras, many of which are high resolution and have night-vision capabilities, can be used both indoors and out. Additionally, you can access some of the company’s systems remotely via smartphones, tablets or the Web.

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